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Yorktown to Invest $1.7 million in Streetscape Project

Yorktown officials will invest $1.7 million in streetscape upgrades along Downing Drive in a key business corridor of Yorktown Heights.

The streetscape improvements include new sidewalks, curbs and street paving along a street that leads to the new Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace and other businesses. The work is expected to begin in the spring of 2023.

“We believe that this will be a transformative project for the Heights hamlet, and I know that our businesses are going to benefit directly,” said Supervisor Matt Slater.

The streetscape work is intended to create greater pedestrian connectivity between the business corridor and the nearby North County Trailway.

“These sidewalks are used every day—not only by the very agile, but also by the folks that have mobility issues. So, this investment will absolutely make Yorktown a better place for everyone,” said deputy Supervisor Tom Diana.

Yorktown received money for the streetscape work through the American Rescue Plan Act, which delivered $3.7 million in pandemic recovery funds to the Town.

“This road has been on my paving list for the last five years. The reason I have not paved this road is because of the condition of the sidewalks and curbs,” said highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli.

Streetscape improvement was a top choice among residents who participated in a survey to determine how Yorktown officials should spend its pandemic recovery funds.

“The constituents have been heard. This work will allow us to create a safe place to visit our businesses and walk with our neighbors,” said Councilwoman Luciana Haughwout.

Walkable neighborhoods are a priority for the Town Board.

“We have naysayers who argue that we can never be a walkable town. I disagree totally,” said Councilman Ed Lachterman, who regularly walks his dog in the area. “This is where the transformation starts.”

Town officials noted that Downing Drive needs streetscape improvements to fill vacant retail, including the former Turco’s supermarket.

“The nearby businesses are excited about the amount of walkability and the amount of traffic we are going to bring here, and it’s going to translate into less empty stores,” said Councilman Sergio Esposito.

The above information was previously distributed and made public for immediate release by the The Town of Yorktown.



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