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On the Issues


Public Safety

Ensuring the safety and security of our families is government’s most important job.  Unfortunately, one-party control of state government has produced failed policies that have caused historic increases in crime.  


Matt will lead the fight to repeal the state’s cashless bail law.  He will also provide law enforcement with the tools and support they need to restore the safety of our suburban neighborhoods.



One-party control of state and federal government has caused an illegal immigration crisis in New York State.  By providing free college, cash payments and other taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants, the Albany politicians have fueled the crisis at the southern border by encouraging immigrants to illegally enter the country and head to New York State.  


Matt also called out the Biden Administration for its secret flights transporting illegal immigrants from the southern border through Westchester County Airport to Hudson Valley communities.



The Albany politicians forced our local schools to close their doors for more than a year and have taken steps to prevent parents from making decisions about their children’s education.  Both schools and students are better off when parents are involved and Matt will ensure that parents have a strong voice in their children’s education.  


Matt will also provide local schools with the resources they need to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in life.


As Town Supervisor, Matt has expanded solar power and renewable energy to ease the burden on local property taxpayers and protect the environment.  Matt has been recognized by the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental and community-based organizations for his leadership in the area of conservation.  


Matt has also worked to preserve and beautify parks and other recreational space to improve quality-of-life.

Dollar Bills

Cost of Living

Skyrocketing inflation and gas prices are threatening the economic security of the middle class.  Matt will rein in the wasteful government spending that has fueled rising prices and he has proposed eliminating the sales tax on gas to provide immediate relief at the pump.

Putnam and Westchester homeowners are acutely aware of the burden imposed. 


Leadership that's making a difference.

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