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Don't Let The Gas Tax Back

SHRUB OAK, NY - Since June New York State has had a gas tax holiday in place on motor fuel saving consumers an estimated 16 cents per gallon. This tax holiday is set to expire at the end of the year which state and local officials say should be extended through the winter.

Matt Slater, Yorktown Town Supervisor and candidate for the 94th Assembly District said, "The current economy is crushing middle class families, small businesses and our seniors. We know it is going to cost a small fortune to heat our homes and keep our lights on this winter. For once, New York State can be proactive and extend the current gas tax holiday through the winter months to give us an ounce of relief at the pump."

New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler said, "Across the country and here in New York we are seeing gas and home heating costs spike. We need to get on the path to energy independence. Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul have sought to resitrct domestict production of energy creating a mess for us all. New Yorkers are hurting and are struggling to pay for groceries, struggling to pay at the pump and struglging to pay our home heating costs. I am proud to join the effort today to call on Governor Hochul to bring us back for a special session to extend the gast tax holiday through the winter because Hudson Valley families cannot afford for gas prices to rise any further."

Gina Area, candidate for New York State Senate added, "The costs of food and gas are really hurting people all acorss the region. We need some relief somewhere and extending the gas tax holiday is a simple step that Albany should take before it sunsets."

Yorktown Deputy Supervisor Tom Diana, who owns a home heating company, said, "I have seen firsthand the impact the prices on oil have had on our region firsthand. Just this past week the regional fueling station I use had no oil to fill up my trucks for delivery. The price to pay right now for 100 gallons, especially for Westchester County consumers who pay a county tax, is what it has traditionally cost to fill my customer's home heating tank. It is time Albany gets with the program and does the right thing."

Ray Mussa, owner of the Shell Station in Shrub Oak among other gas stations in the region said, "People appreciate the tax holiday because it helps them get to where they need to go. I hope this is extended so it keeps helping people."

Yorktown Councilman Ed Lachterman added, "As a small business owner I know the increased cost to transport products is passed onto the consumer. That's why we are seeing the cost of food whether in the grocery stores or in our restaurants continue to go up. The gas tax holiday must be continued to help our consumers and our business owners."

Yorktown Councilman Luciana Haughwout said, "Albany needs to pay attention to the leadership that is being presented here today. I echo what everyone has already called for. I don't see any help coming out of Washington or Albany that helps the middle class. It is ridiculous that we even need to stand here to call on the gas tax holiday to be extended but I am thankful that we have leaders who are bringing this forward to help us."



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