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Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) joined his colleagues yesterday in Albany, calling on Gov. Hochul to establish January 9 as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in New York. The day serves as a time to recognize the daily sacrifices our brave law enforcement officers make for our friends and families and celebrate their hard work and dedication. 

Back in June of 2023, the Yorktown and Carmel police departments were recognized for helping to facilitate two of the “safest small towns in the United States.” After analyzing the cost of crime and ranking small cities and towns nationwide, Yorktown and Carmel were found to be at the top of the list with a crime cost of $43 per capita. To put that in perspective—small towns across the country typically range between hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Since serving as town supervisor, Slater has championed for Yorktown and Carmel’s police departments and has worked with them to find ways Albany can continue to support our state's law enforcement in both small towns and large cities. 

“It takes an incredible amount of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, and we are so proud to have these departments call us home. It’s important we celebrate all they do for our families and community to keep us safe every single day,” said Slater.

“As Town Supervisor and former Chief of Police for the Town of Carmel, I want to express gratitude to Assemblyman Matt Slater for recognizing January 9th as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. His acknowledgment of Carmel PD being nationally recognized in the top 10 safest small towns in the U.S. fills us with immense pride. Special thanks to our Carmel Police Department for their selfless heroism in keeping our community safe. Your dedication is appreciated, and we value your contribution to making Carmel a secure and wonderful place to live. Thank you, Assemblyman Slater, and our outstanding police force for this recognition,” said Michael Cazzari, Town Supervisor.

“In Yorktown we have the best rated Police force in the country for towns this size. We appreciate everyday the safety and security our police give us and I know our residents appreciate them as well. I am thankful, not only as a Town Board member but as a resident, for their service everyday.” Ed Lactherman, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Yorktown. 



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