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CARMEL, NY - Assembly Candidate Matt Slater (R-94th AD), Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,RAS-Mahopac), Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (R,C,I,LBT,SAM-New Windsor), and Assembly Candidates Anil Beephan (R-105th AD) and Brian Maher (R-101st AD) today launched a petition for taxpayers in hopes of holding the state to a more stringent spending cap. Under one-party Democratic rule, state spending increased by $40 billion since 2018, giving New York the highest budget it has ever seen at $220 billion.

Matt Slater said, "Since 2018 the state budget has grown by more than $40 billion. With our nation on the verge of an economic crisis caused by record inflation, we need fiscal restraint out of Albany more now than ever. There is legislation in both houses of the Legislature to impose a state spending cap and leaders of both houses should not end the Legislative Session without putting them up for a vote."

Taxpayers from the Hudson Valley and throughout the state are encouraged to sign on to this petition to tell the Legislature to impose a more stringent spending cap. The petition can be found here.

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, who is a member of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Mean stated, “New Yorkers are fleeing the state in droves, with our enormous tax burden being one of the primary factors. Since joining the state Legislature in 2017, I have voted against every state tax increase. In addition, I have introduced legislation that would encourage shared services, make it easier for localities to institute sales tax exemptions and highlight local governments that take extra steps to protect taxpayers."

“The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) once again ranked New York State as 50th out of all 50 states for economic outlook in its annual ‘Rich States, Poor States’ report. We need strong elected leaders who are unafraid to identify realistic ways to rein-in out-of-control government spending. Supervisor Slater and my fellow colleagues in the Assembly Republican Conference get that,” Byrne concluded.

A statewide poll released by Siena College on Monday showed crime and the economy were the top two concerns for New Yorkers and Deutche Bank is warning of a "significant recession by next year seems likely."

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt said, “I fully support legislation to impose a spending cap on New York state government. The billions and billions of extra spending added to this year’s budget by Gov. Hochul is just one example of why we need to get this done. New Yorkers cannot continue to afford this bloated spending. I thank Supervisor Slater, Assemblyman Byrne and Supervisor Maher for helping lead this critical effort and am glad to join together to now advance this grassroots spending cap push.”

Assemblyman Mike Lawler added "Albany's out of touch spending spree will push more New Yorkers to fiscally responsible states. Democrats have proven they are irresponsible with taxpayer dollars and must be reigned in. The spending cap would safeguard taxpayer dollars and bring some sense of responsibility back to state government."

Last year the State Comptroller reported the growth in state spending had more than doubled the rate of inflation over the past five years. Without checks and balances, one-party control in Albany has caused the state budget to increase by $40 billion since 2018—dramatically exceeding the 2% cap on the growth in spending that had been recognized for years to protect state taxpayers.

AJ Beephan said, “We all know that New York is one of the most heavily-taxed states in the nation, yet Albany doesn't do enough to reduce our tax burden. As a councilman, I have fought to keep our budget under the tax cap each year, despite continuously increased costs and inflation. New York needs to practice what they preach and adhere to a tax cap. As a New York state assemblyman, I vow to advocate for implementing a tax cap at the state level.”

Brian Maher said, “Today I was proud to join my fellow public servants in calling for a permanent New York state spending cap. Every day hard-working New Yorkers and businesses struggle and make tough choices to stay within their means, while Albany continues to spend your taxpayer dollars carelessly. I look forward to advocating on this issue and, if elected, work with my colleagues in the state Legislature to ensure a permanent spending cap becomes law.”

Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Mike Breen said, "We know the federal money is a one shot deal and we need forward thinking decisionmakers in Albany who will make sure taxpayers are not run out of town by overspending and overtaxing. I support a spending cap and urge the legislature to approve it."

Video of the press conference can be viewed here.

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