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“I am greatly appreciative of the endless bipartisan support this bill received and look forward to

it positively changing the lives of many who are suffering from chronic illnesses. With more than 65

organizations, cancer centers and health groups in support, I am thankful our governor made the right choice and supported a bill that will help ensure more patients can survive their disease and maintain a higher quality of life.”

Earlier this week Assemblyman Slater had the following letter published in the Mahopac News, Somers Record and Yorktown News calling on the Governor to sign this important legislation which the Assemblyman has been a vocal supporter of.

Dear Editor,

Governor Hochul could deliver a magical holiday gift to New Yorkers in the coming days by supporting a piece of legislation that was overwhelmingly approved by the state legislature.

A.1673 was delivered to the Governor's desk for final approval on December 12th. It would require health insurance plans and Medicaid to include financial relief for biomarker testing, ensuring that such tests are provided for the diagnosis, treatment, effective management or continuous monitoring of a patient's illness or medical condition, as long as there is medical and scientific evidence supporting the use of these tests. This is a common sense piece of legislation that will save countless lives by alerting them of preconditions to cancer. 

I am proud to have helped build a bipartisan coalition along with Assemblymember Pam Hunter to get us to this point and the American Cancer Society has throw its full support behind it.

Now it's up to Governor Hochul and I can think of no better gift to New Yorkers than the prospect of a long and healthy life.

Assembylman Matt Slater

94th District



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