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Police on Long Island arrested a group of four with respect to the dismembered body parts found in Babylon and Bethpage and for allegedly concealing a human corpse, but due to New York’s poor bail reform, Suffolk County prosecutors were not able to hold these individuals accountable and have been released instead. 

“I am appalled to discover, yet again, that dangerous criminals are being released onto our streets. These individuals are violent and pose a significant threat to our communities. Thanks to our governor and the failure that is bail reform, they are allowed to roam freely among us. Our district attorneys have their hands tied by nonsensical restrictions preventing them from requesting bail. New Yorkers, district attorneys and victims’ families are tired of it. Enough is enough, and it is time we put the people of this state’s safety first, NOT the criminals’ freedom,” said Slater.

“It is our understanding that the Suffolk County Police Department is still investigating these murders. Unfortunately, due to ‘Bail Reform’ passed by the New York State Legislature in 2019, charges relating to the mutilation and disposal of murdered corpses are no longer bail-eligible, meaning my prosecutors cannot ask for bail,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney.

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) has introduced and co-sponsored the following pieces of legislation that would allow our law enforcement, district attorneys, and judges to hold people accountable for their actions and make New York a safer place for all. 

A7034- Provides judges with more discretion regarding securing orders and limiting the lengths of certain orders; establishes new criminal discovery rules.

A3183- Permits judicial discretion based on dangerousness when issuing a securing order and allows for limited pre-trial detention upon such a determination; extends the time period for discovery from fifteen to forty-five days; permits the immediate issuance of a bench warrant for failure to appear for certain principals charged with hate crimes; places restrictions on when appearance tickets may be issued.

A5747a-Requires a sentence of life imprisonment without parole for murder in the first degree, aggravated murder, and murder in the second degree.

A7985-Establishes the crime of criminal sale of a controlled substance resulting in death.

A8283- Includes certain offenses in being eligible for bail, makes certain offenses eligible to be considered hate crimes, and increases the penalties for certain crimes. 

A9167-Requires law enforcement and courts to notify the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency when an arrested person or defendant is not a United States citizen.



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