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Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) exemplified his unwavering commitment to honoring the contributions of servicemen and women in his district through a poignant and heartfelt Veterans Hall of Fame ceremony hosted on Saturday. With deep respect and admiration, Slater extended a warm invitation to individuals who had bravely served from every town within the 94th District to partake in this event.

The ceremony provided an opportunity for residents to join together in expressing their collective appreciation for the exceptional courage, leadership, and commitment demonstrated by the servicemen and women throughout their military service. It was a moment to acknowledge not only the sacrifices made by these individuals but also the enduring spirit and resilience that defines the veteran community.

“These were ordinary people, who when our nation called on them, did extraordinary things in the name of freedom and America” said Slater. “We will never be able to fully express the immense gratitude we feel for their service, but I was truly honored to be able to host this event to celebrate their service to our nation.”

The Veterans Hall of Fame ceremony, under Slater's stewardship, went beyond a mere recognition of past achievements; it became a communal expression of gratitude and solidarity. Emphasizing the importance of remembering the stories of these distinguished individuals, their legacy remains an integral part of the community's collective memory.

Veterans Hall of Fame

Steve Seid - Putnam Valley

Harry Gonzalez - Patterson

Louis Gasparini - Southeast

Alex Othmer - Kent

Joseph Manna - Somers

Brian Sillik - Yorktown

Frederick Wennberg - Carmel



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