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Slater Nominates Westchester’s ‘Stuart’s Fruit Farm’ to be A Historical Business in New York State

Stuart's Fruit Farm, nestled in the heart of Westchester County, New York, has proudly remained a cherished family-operated farm since its establishment back in 1828. For more than five decades, Bob and Betsy Stuart have passionately upheld their family's rich agricultural tradition, ensuring its continuity and preserving its legacy.

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) began the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry as a way to honor local businesses. Many have been the backbone of villages, towns and cities across the state and share the rich history, heritage and identity of the communities they serve. Local businesses continue to face new and unique challenges which is why the registry seeks to recognize and honor those historic businesses, additionally providing educational and promotional assistance to ensure their continued viability and success.

Stuart’s Fruit Farm is the first of Assemblyman Matt Slater’s (R,C-Yorktown) nominations to the Historic Registry. “We have so many businesses that have called the 94th district home for decades and to hear their stories is truly inspiring. I cannot thank Stuart’s Fruit Farm enough for allowing our families to come and enjoy their farm every year and sharing their roots with us. I encourage everyone to stop by and support our local businesses as they prove time and time again they are the heart of our towns,” said Slater.

Stuart's Fruit Farm offers an array of exquisite fresh fruits, vegetables, delectable baked goods and a plethora of family-oriented festivities for countless generations. Their commitment to remaining a staple in the community has been widely appreciated and inspiring for so many.

“I am so excited to hear that Assemblyman Matt Slater has nominated Stuart's Fruit Farm as the first selected business for the State Historic Registry. If you have been to the farm one time or one hundred, every person that leaves the farm feels like family, and that is a true testament to the Stuart family. I want to thank them for making their farm a memorable place for all,” Somers Town Supervisor Rob Scorrano adds.

Upon hearing about their recognition as a Historic Business, Bob and Betsy Stuart said they “are so appreciative of this recognition and we thank the State and Assemblyman Matt Slater for this honor.”

To be nominated as a Historic Business, a business must have operated for a minimum of 50 years and have made significant contributions to the history of their local communities.

*Click here to view video of Assemblyman Matt Slater nominating Stuart's Fruit Farm*



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