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Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) looks forward to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) commencing a project involving the resurfacing of State Route 52. The work will extend from Fowler Ave. in the Town of Carmel to just beyond the intersection with State Route 311 in the Town of Kent. Furthermore, DOT plans to address the repair of stormwater catch basins located along State Route 52. Slater is a member of the Transportation committee and has raised this issue to the attention of DOT along with County Executive Kevin Byrne and Kent Supervisor Jaime McGlasson.

Advocating for an enhanced allocation of state funding towards the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement program (CHIPS), Slater’s efforts have resulted in a noteworthy $60 million increase that is now in motion. Collaborating closely with Dave Paganelli, the Highway Superintendent of Yorktown, elected officials are thrilled to share updates on the route 202 project. The initiation of the letting process is set to commence this month, and high expectations of commencing the paving work by September. Slater, alongside other elected officials, has consistently emphasized the significance of well-maintained roads as crucial infrastructure for transportation, commerce, and overall economic growth. The positive progress we are witnessing leaves us gratified and encouraged.

“Having considered the concerns and frustrations expressed by the people I represent regarding our community's infrastructure, I am glad to see the proper steps are being taken to address this issue. It is encouraging to know efforts are now underway to invest in effectively planned and adequately maintained road infrastructure. By doing so, our local towns can enjoy the advantages of improved connectivity, economic growth, enhanced safety and overall social well-being,” said Slater.

“I’m thrilled to see construction begin on the Route 52 corridor in Kent. This paving and maintenance was neglected for too long. Seeing this work done was a major priority for my administration and for Assemblyman Slater. I thank him and New York state for listening to residents, commuters and business owners, and for their work to follow through on fixing critical transportation infrastructure,” said Kevin Byrne, Putnam County Executive.

“Myself and the residents of Kent would like to express their gratitude to Assemblyman Matt Slater for all his efforts in securing the funds to pave a portion of Route 52. For years the Town of Kent has fielded numerous complaints from concerned residents about the potholes and dangerous driving surface of Route 52. Since repeated patching and filling of the potholes by New York State has become ineffective, the only option was to repave the road. We are pleased and grateful that Assemblyman Slater was able to obtain the money to pave a section of Route 52 and we are hopeful that next year we will be able to secure the funds to pave the rest of 52 through Kent,” said Jaime McGlasson, Town of Kent Supervisor.

“The safety and usability of our roads are essential for the well-being of our community members. The recent increase in funding along with substantial investments in other areas, highlights the importance of maintaining and upgrading our vital infrastructure. I thank Assemblyman Matt Slater for pushing ‘local roads matter’ and his support in getting us on the right track,” said Dave Pageanelli, Yorktown Highway Superintendent.

"This key funding for a critical piece of transportation infrastructure will help Putnam Valley continue to move people and goods in the mid-Hudson region. The safety of our residents comes first, and this $2.2 million funding package will enhance the reliability of this span while increasing the overall resilience of our built environment. I am proud to announce its arrival along with my friend Assemblyman Slater," said Sen. Rob Rollison.

“Infrastructure should not be affected by party lines, so it's good to see all parties working together for the betterment of the taxpayer. I would like to thank Gov Hochul, our State Representatives Senator Rolison and Assemblyman Slater and the DOT Commissioner in working together to help small tax based communities, like my Town, Putnam Valley, in obtaining these funds to update and make corrections to our aged infrastructure,” said Jackie Annabi, Putnam Valley Supervisor.

The above information was previously distributed and made public for immediate release by the New York State Assembly.



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