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State Supreme Court Rejects New York City Law Allowing Non-Citizens To Vote

New York, NY - Earlier today the New York State Supreme Court ruled voting rights given to non-citizens was an unconstitutional maneuver. This marks the third time Democrat attempts to manipulate our elections were rejected in the past year.

In 2021, voters across the state rejected proposed ballot referendums that would have altered the redistricting process in favor of sitting Democrats, instituted same day voter registration and allowed universal absentee ballot voting. Following this defeat, the state’s highest court ruled the Democrats’ redistricting plan violated the state constitution. Today's decision follows a consistent pattern of Democrats in power both in Albany and New York City.

Matt Slater, Supervisor of the Town of Yorktown and candidate for the 94th Assembly District applauded today's ruling saying, "This was an important and common sense decision that protects our electoral process. Non-citizens should not be participating in elections at any level. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. With no checks and balances in place we are seeing how far New York City's radical politicians are willing to go to protect their power. We need strong and experienced voices in Albany that will continue to push back on these ridiculous attempts to undermine our elections, give more handouts and force New Yorkers to relocate to more affordable states. New Yorkers should celebrate today's decision and remember to vote in tomorrow's primary elections."


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