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Slater, HV pols stand up against Albany push to alter local elections

ALBANY, NY - For decades in New York State local elections have been held in odd numbered years while elections for state and federal office have been in even years. Lawmakers are now deliberating on a proposal introduced in both the Assembly and Senate that will end decades of practice by moving local elections to the same ballot as federal and state races.

Matt Slater, Supervisor of the Town of Yorktown and candidate for the 94th Assembly District said, "One party rule has runied New York State and its assault on local government continues. We fought back on their assault earlier this year on local zoning. We fought back on their embarassing redistrcting debacle. Now we will fight back to protect against another big government overreach into local elections. Enough is enough."

Bill S.6197D would only apply to local elections outside of New York City. The provisions of the legislation would take effect after January 1, 2024 and have those elected in 2023 be granted an additional year in office to fall into the 2026 election cycle.

Assemblyman Mike Lawler said, "This is nothing short of a power grab from Jay Jacobs and the power drunk Democrats to eradicate New York from having Republican officials. Jacobs, Hochul and the Democrats were embarrassed by the courts rejection of their redistricting lines and this is the latest stunt to make up for it. They should be ashamed of themselves."

Video of Supervisor Slater's comments can be viewed here.



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