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Slater: ‘Investing in Infrastructure’ A Putnam County Win

During the 2023 Legislative Session, Gov. Hochul announced 141 local governments will receive expanded aid totaling more than $516 million to repair and rebuild bridges and culverts while promoting sustainability and resilience across the whole state. With the support of this money, which is offered through the state’s BRIDGE NY project, local governments throughout the state will be able to strengthen their current infrastructure while increasing the resilience of the state’s bridges and culverts.

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown), alongside local officials, has demonstrated strong advocacy for the increase in investments towards local roads and infrastructure. Putnam County, being one of the municipalities granted additional funding, has been long-awaited by Slater and residents; just shy of $10 million will be distributed to repair bridges and culverts, restoring the safety and reliability of Putnam County infrastructure.

“This is a huge win for Putnam County and a great stride in the right direction. As we saw just this week, maintenance of our bridges and culverts not only secures the safety of public travel but allows the economic growth of our communities. I am proud to see our state government invest almost double that they have in the past. I am grateful for the team effort displayed by my fellow local leaders to make our communities upkeep a focal point in this year’s budget,” said Slater.

“This key funding for a critical piece of transportation infrastructure will help Putnam Valley continue to move people and goods in the mid-Hudson region. The safety of our residents comes first, and this $2.2 million funding package will enhance the reliability of this span while increasing the overall resilience of our built environment. I am proud to announce its arrival along with my friend Assemblyman Slater,” said Sen. Rob Rolison.

“Infrastructure should not be affected by party lines, so it’s good to see all parties working together for the betterment of the taxpayer. I would like to thank Gov. Hochul, our state representatives Senator Rolison and Assemblyman Slater and the DOT Commissioner for working together to help small tax-based communities, like my town, Putnam Valley, in obtaining these funds to update and make corrections to our aged infrastructure,” said Putnam Valley Supervisor, Jackie Annabi.

“The Town and residents of Kent would like to express their gratitude to Kent Highway Superintendent Richard Othmer Jr for obtaining funding through the NYS BRIDGE NY initiative. The necessity and timeliness of these structural improvements and repairs is critically evident after witnessing what over 7 inches of torrential rainfall in one day can do to our roadways. We are grateful for the hard work and perseverance in obtaining these much-needed funds and helping to keep Kent residents safe,” said Supervisor of the Town of Kent, Jaime McGlasson.

“The funding will go directly to replacing the culvert on Sagamore Drive and the culvert on Ninham Road in Kent. It is rewarding to see NYS provide the necessary dollars for us to start work on two major projects in the Town of Kent,” said Kent Highway Superintendent, Richard Othmer Jr.

The above information was previously distributed and made public for immediate release by the New York State Assembly.



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